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The Ideal Protein Diet Plan ®

About Us:

Science Based Nutrition is about changing your body so your doctor may be able to take you off many of your current drugs.
Note: We are not advising you to discontinue your medications! Only the doctor that prescribed your medications can determine if it is safe to reduce of discontinue them. Always consult your personal physicians and follow his/her advise.

Have you heard of Phamacognosy?  This is the study of pharmacology and the study of plant-based or botanical remedies that work similarly. Their are two important differences between pharmacology and phamacognosy, however. You see in pharmacology medications are given to substitute for a lost function within your body. Since these medications are given to replace lost function, your typically need them for the rest of your life. Since they are not designed to restore lost function, merely to replace lost function, if you stop taking them your symptoms will return. Unlike pharmacology, pharmacology is a lot different.  

Keep Cholesterol Check

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