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 Do you think taking medications
 is making you healthy?

At first you might think I’m asking a trick question. But think about it for a minute. What would happen if you stopped taking your medications? You would have symptoms and might even die!  Stated another way, your medications are doing nothing to make you healthier, they are merely masking the symptoms of your underlying disease. Now let me make one thing perfectly clear, I’m not advocating that you stop taking your medications. Right now you NEED them! What would you say if I told you we have a  radically different approach to offer our patients? What if we could help you to restore your body to how it was before you needed medications to suppress your symptoms?  What if the doctor who prescribed these medications to you, could examine you and tell you, “I don’t know what you did or how you did it, but you no longer need the medications I started you on. I’m discontinuing medications  A,B & C and reducing the dose of medications X,Y & Z”  

Now perhaps you have already asked your doctor to reduce or discontinue some of  your medications and he or she may have even tried to, but in almost all cases they simply couldn’t. Because the simple truth is those medications are not helping the “cause” of your condition, they are only masking the symptoms.  Since the medication is not really changing anything, when you try to reduce or stop the medication, the symptoms return.  

There is no debating this. If your doctor reduces, for example, your cholesterol lowering medication,  he or she will do blood work to monitor your response.  Chances are your blood test will show your cholesterol levels are more elevated.  See the medications were never intended to address the “cause” of your high cholesterol, it was merely designed to suppress the symptom of high cholesterol.

 The same thing is true for blood pressure lowering medications and arthritis medications and virtually every other medication you might be taking. None of them was ever intended to change the underlying cause of the condition.  That is why you have been told you’ll need to continue them, the rest of your life.  If you don’t believe me, just ask your doctor to change your medications. Then  compare your blood tests, while you are on the drugs with them after you reduce or discontinue them.. Your blood tests don’t lie. Your blood tests don’t lie! The fact that your blood tests don’t lie is the key to everything .  Let me explain
    what this means to you and how it just might improve your life>>>

Your doctor knows you need your medication because he or she does blood work to objectively measure your health status.  There is no guessing. In fact how you feel has little to do with how healthy (or ill) you really are. Most of us can’t feel high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high glucose or even cancer for that matter until the disease process has progressed to a dangerous stage. Simple blood tests however, give us a much better way of determining how ill or healthy we truly are. The blood test is the gold standard that doctors use to determine their patients’ state of heath or disease. It allows the doctor to know if the body is working properly and if a treatment is solving a patient’s problem. A series of blood work over time can tell a doctor if his patient is getting worse, staying the same or improving. Some blood tests can even suggest if a patient is likely to  live or die. They certainly can tell a doctor if a patient needs to continue his or her medication, if the medication can be discontinued,  if the dose can be reduced and even more  (cont. reading >>>)