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The Ideal Protein Diet Plan ®

(<<< cont. from)     They certainly can tell a doctor if a patient needs to continue his or her medication, if the medication can be discontinued,  if the dose can be reduced and even more importantly, if the patient’s condition has changed enough to lessen or eliminate the need for that medication. Are we claiming too much? We don’t think so.

Blood work is what makes Scientific Based Nutrition™ different than any other nutritional  program available anywhere in the world. Because a blood test never lies, there is no better or more valid way to 1. Determine the exact nutritional  needs of a patient 2. Determine the exact doses of nutrients needed to assist the body in optimizing health and 3. Demonstrating that the nutritional protocol is doing what it purports to do.  The Science Based Nutritional™ protocols help to optimize the body so it can use its innate healing powers to restore good health. And the blood tests prove it!

There is no magic nutritional pill or program that cures disease. Each patient has individualized nutritional needs. Even patients diagnosed with  the same disease can have wildly different imbalances in their body. Imbalances that prevent or impede the body’s ability to get and stay healthy.  Only a comprehensive blood work up can determine what you need, what you don’t  need and the best doses.  Don’t settle for guesswork or gimmicks. Find out what your body needs. Find out how much you should take.  And find out if your nutritional therapy is truly making you healthier.   Call us to find out how Science Based Nutrition™  might just change your life.  You’ll be glad that you did!  

No doctor can guarantee his or her results, but I can promise you that patients in our office can feel confident they are receiving the most up-to-date, safe and effective treatment available. These advanced and innovative methods are delivered in a caring and friendly environment and they will not only be affordable, but a great value. You have my word on it!  
Don't miss out on a chance to find real relief from your movement disorder....     ~ Dr. George W.  Kukurin


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